Advantages of a Credit Card

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A credit card can be your ally in the financial spectrum. Proper use of the credit card can actually bring you a lot of advantages. Managing your credit card well will allow you to make use of the advantages it has to the fullest. All you need is proper discipline and a good plan on when to use and how to use your credit card. Here are a few advantages of having an ocbc credit card that you can use.


  1. Avoid carrying a large amount of cash.

Having a credit card is like having a digital wallet. Nowadays you can pay for almost anything using a credit card ranging from store purchases to donations to organizations. A credit card becomes very handy when you have to make a large purchase. A credit card allows you to cover the purchase without having the need to carry a large amount of cash.

  1. Schedule payments for bills.

With the emerging use of online transactions to pay your bills or make purchases, having a credit card allows you to make scheduled online transactions. This is a very effective tool to avoid missing out onrecurring bills. This is a very helpful strategy especially for those who are busy with a lot of activities.

  1. Pay through installments.

If you need to make a large purchase and you prefer to pay for installments, having a credit card can prove to be very useful. If you want to avoid paying for a high amount of finance charges by revolving your credit, check with your bank as they may have that installment feature for a large purchase that you make. This is applicable even to purchases where merchants don’t offer installments on their product. Your bank will be the one to provide you the payment method.

Having a credit card can prove to be useful and advantageous as long as you know how to manage it properly. This advantages can help you with your day to day activities and help your financial transactions become simple.